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Optical Reference Material

Information regarding general photonics and optical issues:

Calculators & Interactive Graphs

ARROW Waveguide Layer Thickness Calculator

Calculates necessary thickness of layer to create a waveguide.

Anti-Reflection COating Thickness Calculator

Uses Interactive calculator and graph to find the optimal AR Parameters.

Diffraction Grating Calculator

Input wavelength of incident light, grating spacing, angle of incident light, and the distance from the grating to the screen, then the calculator will output the various modes where constructive interference will cause a light band to appear.

Power Reflection Calculator

Calculator and Graph showing Percentage of power reflected given certain parameters.

Fiber Parameter Calculator

Calculates essential fiber parameters such as: Numerical Aperature, V-number, Mode Field Diameter and more.
Includes chart depicting gaussian power distribution inside the core of the fiber.

Grating Calculator

Calculates the necessary grating period to get a predetermined wavelength reflected back.

Lloyd Angle Calculator

Calculates angle of Lloyd mirror setup for specified FBG periods.

Look up Tables

Complex Index of Refraction Look-up Utility

Returns the effective index of a certain material at a specified wavelength.

Tabulated Optical Constants

Lists and graphs the effective index and extinction coefficient of a materials on a range of wavelengths


Color Chart

Determines the visible color for silicion dioxide and nitride films given the film thickness and viewing angle.

Frequency to Wavelength Conversion Chart

Nomograph shows relation between frequency and wavelength.

General Information

ABCD Matrices Tutorial

Tutorial on ABCD matrix analysis (also known as Ray transfer matrix analysis).


Describes holographic process for developing FBGs.

Optical Fiber Information

Includes images and information on optical fiber and connectors

Fiber Optic Standards

Includes PDF files of several fiber optic standards

Thin Lens Tutorial

Tutorial on Lens where thickness is negligible compared to its focal length

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