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Silicon Dioxide/Nitride Color vs. Film Thickness and Viewing Angle Calculator

This calculator displays the color generated by thin films of silicon nitride or silicon dioxide on a silicon substrate. Specify the range of depths you would like displayed with start thickness and end thickness, and the number of increments displayed in this range with resolution (you must enter in an integer greater than 1). Because the color generated by nitride or oxide on silicon films is heavily dependent on viewing angle, you will also need to specify this as theta. Select either calculate oxide spectrum or calculate nitride spectrum to begin processing.

This script does extensive complex-number calculations with Flash scripting, which is not optimized for such. As a result, you may experience long processing delays if you set resolution too high. We recommend values of 25 or less.
Full Color Chart for SiO2
Full Color Chart for Si3N4

Use an interactive Oxide Growth Time Calculator to predict the time required to grow a desired thickness of thermal oxide.

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