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Semiconductor Properties

Useful information related to semiconductor wafers, resistivity, mobility, impurity doping (diffusion, ion implantation, ion implantation houses), oxide growth, crystal planes, silicon dioxide and nitride films, chemical etching, optoelectronics, contact resistance, and much more!

Calculators & Interactive Graphs

Direct Bandgap Energy Calculator for Ternary Semiconductor Alloys

Crystal Plane Intersection Angle Calculator

Enter the Miller indicies of any two crystal planes to determine the angle between them.

Impact Ionization or Ionization Breakdown Gain and Coefficient Calculator

Given an electric field, you can calculate the Breakdown Coefficients along with the gain in Silicon, Indium Phosphide, and Gallium Arsenide semiconductors.

Metal-Semiconductor Contact Barrier Height and Depletion Layer Width Calculator (Ohmic and Schottky Contacts)

Calculates energy barrier height and depletion layer width for any combination of over 70 metals and 8 semiconductors.

MOSFET Current Calculator

Calculates and plots Drain Current of a MOSFET as a function of Drain Voltage of the MOSFET. Also includes background information on MOSFETs.

Optical Absorption Coefficient Calculator

Calculate the Optical Absorption coefficient for Silicon, InP, GaAs, and Ge using a known wavelength.

PN Junction Property Calculator

Calculates depletion layer width, built-in voltage, maximum field, and depletion capacitance for pn junctions in 4 different semiconductors and with 2 different doping profiles.

Resistivity & Mobility Calculator/Graph

Calculate the mobility and resistivity of silicon for different doping concentrations of Arsenic, Boron, and Phosphorous. Interactive graph plots resistivity vs. impurity concentration for selected dopants.

General Information

Universal Physical Constants

A reference to electromagnetic, atomic, physico-chemical, x-ray and general physical constants. The constant values listed are the CODATA 2003 recommended values accepted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Cleanroom Sizes

A simple guide to understanding the sizes used in the BYU cleanroom.

Coefficients of Thermal Expansion for various Semiconductor Materials

This table shows the CTE for various common semiconductor materials.

Measuring Contact Resistance

Instructions on how to measure metal-semiconductor contact resistance using the transmission line method (TLM).

Resistivities for Common Metals

This table shows the Resistivities of several common metals at 20 degrees Celsius.

Thermal Properties of Pure Metals

This table shows thermal properties for various metals.

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