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SU-8 Information Page

SU-8 comes in many varieties with different densities and viscosities, allowing for the fabrication of structures with a wide range of thicknesses. The correct SU-8 variety and spin speed must be used to achieve a specific thickness. Other fabrication procedures also change due to thickness and the type of SU-8.

The table below shows thickness, spin speed, pre-bake times, post-exposure bake times, and development times based off of data available in MicroChem's datasheets. Some recipes developed at BYU are also in the table. Also below are notes on SU-8 processing and helpful links and datasheets.

SU-8 Thickness
(in µm)
Spin Speed
(in rpm)
Minutes to Pre-Bake
Minutes to Softbake
Minutes to PEB
Minutes to PEB
Development Time
*All values approximate      **Indicates a BYU exclusive recipe - see SU-8 processing notes for more detail

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  1. SU-8 Basics

  2. Modifications to SU8 Recipes when using the South Aligner

  3. SU-8 Processing

  4. SU-8 Spin Speed vs. Thickness - Graphs from experiments done at BYU

  5. SU-8 Curing Images - Images of Cured SU8 from experiments done at BYU

  6. SU-8 Links and Datasheets

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