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Headway Photoresist Spinner

Headway Research, Inc.
3713 Forest Lane
Garland, TX 75042-6928 USA
Main Phone: (972) 272-5431
Main Fax: (972) 272-7817

Contact Information:
  Faculty Contact:   Aaron Hawkins
  Staff Contact:   Joe Bussio

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  1. General Information

    1. The Headway Photoresist Spinner is an intermediate spinner between the Laurel Spinner (Resist Spinning only - no wafer cleaning) and the Solitec Spinner (Spin on anything spinnable and clean anything cleanable) The Headway Spinner (Spin on SU8 and Photoresist no SOG please) has two chucks. The 4" chuck is designed for spinning and cleaning 4" wafers. The smaller chuck can be used for smaller items such as glass slides and 3" photomasks. Below are guidelines of basic operation and cleaning.

  2. Operating Instructions
    1. The theory of operating the Headway Spinner is similar to operating any other spinner.
    2. Before Starting
      1. Make sure that the air wafer wand on the right side of the table is tied in a knot. If it's not be sure to do so. Otherwise the wafer chuck cannot build up enough suction to start the spin cycle.
      2. Make sure the wafer spinning area is clean and a clean room wipe is in the spinner basin.
      3. See proper wipe installation:
    3. Power Up
      1. 1. Flip the power switch on the bench top controller console. Set wafer spin speed and spin duration on the bench top controller console.
      2. 2. Place the wafer on your chuck of choice. (The Chuck can be removed by pulling directly upward on it).
      3. 3. Turn the vacuum on by flipping the toggle switch on the operation console under the table and below the spinner. The vacuum gauge should go up to about 20 inches of Hg.
      4. See Operation Console:
      5. See Vacuum Gauge:
      6. 4. After wafer stops spinning, turn off the vacuum and remove the wafer. If the towl needs replacing, replace it.
    4. Notes for SU8 users
      1. When using SU8 it may not be possible to have a absorbent towl in the wafer basin. It is imperative that the basin be cleaned out immediately with Acetone and IPA after using SU8.

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